3D Mery Walk Cycle

This year I have a 3D animation class & I am loving every minute of it. I honestly can't pick a favorite between 3D or 2D because I love them both for different reasons. In our 2D animation class this year I am allowed to explore and challenge myself by doing my assignments in 3D animation. Which I think is awesome because I am loving 3D animation!

This is my 3D animation walk cycle assignment. I had a little bit - a lot - of trouble with her elbows/forearms, but I walked away from it and just came back and fixed it this morning. Honestly I don't know how I found it so difficult, I think I must have worked on it for to long or something and got to frustrated. All I needed was to walk away and I end up with this!

Mery HappyWalk from stephanie Moore on Vimeo.


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